Three Star MedPro

Three Star MedPro Tech JV, LLC (TSM), is a Small Business Administration certified 8(a) Joint Venture, LLC. The joint venture is a collaborative effort between Three Star Enterprises, LLC and MedPro Technologies, LLC, provi
ding customers with outstanding administrative management, information systems support and cloud based collaboration services. We are committed to providing superior service at a low cost. Our approach is based upon utilizing shared resources, services, and common methodology that enables us to provide customers with competitive pricing. 
Our corporate staff is well versed and experienced in providing qualified and reliable staff to federal and commercial customers. TSM takes pride in providing customers with expert technical consultation, quality control plans, cloud based infrastructure and locally managed technical solutions. In addition to our proven performance and commitment to your mission, TSM has the unique ability accept direct 8(a) Sole Source Awa
rds, which eliminates the lengthy and expensive procurement process for our customers.

Three Star MedPro Tech JV, LLC (TSM) Core Competencies

Administrative Management 
  • Credentialing, recruitment and training of skilled workforce 
  • Program management support system services 
  • Workflow analysis and business process improvement 

Cloud Service Provider 
  • Synchronous and asynchronous distance training & content development (& LMS) 
  • Cloud Architecture and Design 
  • Project websites and intranets 
  • Data Portal Creation 
  • Knowledgebase management 
  • Document Collaboration (SharePoint/Google Drive)
  • E-Grants and E-Government software development, testing,training and support 

Remote System Access Design and Support
  • Telework and Contingent Workforce management systems 
  • User Training, Google Apps Support
  • Help Desk Administration Support 

Web Design, Development and Hosting
  • 508 compliant Webinars & Videoconferencing
  • Virtual Communities & Social Media 

Project Management
  • Project Planning
  • Acquisition & Budget Planning

Data Management 
  • Data Migration and Administration
  • Database Management/Creation/Administration  
  • Data Warehousing
  • Client Software Development
  • Inventory creation and analysis
  • Data Entry 

Data Center Management 
  • Data Center Operations Optimization  
  • Data Center management and Design  
  • Storage and Network Management
  • Virtualization System Management
  • Systems Architecture and Design
  • Datacenter Environmental Analysis
  • Virtualization Strategies 

Information Assurance 
  • DIACAP/NIACAP Management
  • POA&M Creation and Management  
  • Systems Logical Security Design
  • Device Workflow Optimization 

Business Process Reengineering 
  • Regionalization Strategies 
  • Strategic Analysis and CONOPS 
  • Program Schedule and Assessment